Core Forms/Vessels

three ceramic core forms forms 15 to 22 inches in height

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The juxtaposition of concave and convex surfaces has been an interest of mine ever since my exposure to solid geometry. Exploring beyond simple clay cylinders gave rise to these compound forms that create movement vertically, as well as horizontally, as the surface wraps around the ceramic form. These opposing surfaces define inward and outward undulations that make light and shadow play against each other. They represent my signature shapes and my vertical canvases, upon which I have only begun to scratch the surface of possibilities.

Some of these are lidded vessels, and some represent sculptural forms. They range in vertical size from 10″ to 24″ and are approximately 6″ in diameter.

All of these forms/vessels are made of stoneware clay fired to 2250-2350+ºF. The vessel interiors are also glazed and can hold the contents of your choice.